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Collection FDC Netherlands in 7 Importa albums, 1950 till 2020.

Collection FDC Netherlands in 6 Importa albums, 1950 till 2020
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Complete FDC collection of the Netherlands from the years 1950 to 2020. NVPH 1 through NVPH 817b.

Including the NVPH 1 with open flap catalog value € 1600,00, in a very clean quality.

The collection is 100% complete on main numbers. The following a numbers are present; 

119a, 129a, 136a, 144a, 153a, 159a, 162a, 167a, 170a, 179a, 189a, 192a, 197a, 206a, 211a, 213a, 215a, 223a, 226a, 231a, 234a, 240a, 244a, 247a, 250a, 252a, 260a, 264a, 269a, 272a, 278a, 282a, 288a, 293a, 299a, 302a, 307a, 308a, 315a, 319a, 321a, 329a, 336a, 343a, 345a, 346a, 348a, 357a, 363a, 365a, 374a, 381a, 393a, 394a, 401a, 407a, 410a, 416a, 423a, 427a, 435a, 446a, 488a.

From nvph 30 onwards without addresses on envelopes except Nos. 32, 33, 34, 36, 38, 43, 46.

The collection comes in 7 Importa first-day envelope albums Netherlands, type PSIII with cassettes, which have the coat of arms of the Netherlands and with the imprint Netherlands.

Catalog value total € 12.302,30, according to the NVPH catalog 2022.

construction as follows years

1950 to 1951, € 3870.00,

1952 to 1960, € 2698,00

1961 to 2000, € 1981,45 and

euro envelopes 2001 to 2020, € 3752,85.

A very nice complete set, leaves little to be desired.

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