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Safe Watermark researcher Signoscope type Pro

Watermark researcher Signoscope type Pro.
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This is a further development of the Safe-Signoscope, the first optical-electric watermark finder and testing device, which has been used many thousands of times worldwide. The device works completely without chemicals and thus without danger to the marks. Operation is very simple.

The Pro version allows you to check 2 stamps at once.

The Signoscope Pro reveals what was previously hidden and makes watermark differences visible, which can make a significant difference in the value of seals.

In addition, the new Signoscope Pro has become much more powerful; it operates with 3 different warm white LEDs, which are also hardly subject to wear and tear and are very energy efficient. These LEDs guarantee optimal illumination of the mark.

The LED light sources are infinitely dimmable. In this way you can find the optimal illumination for each seal to be tested, because it is not always the case that the maximum light radiation will necessarily show the watermark to its best advantage.

There are 8 different colors: Brown, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, violet and natural white daylight as the central examination light. These different colors can significantly improve the examination result, for example, by illuminating a red stamp with red light to "neutralize" the red printing ink that may show through on the back of the stamp. The watermark now stands out more clearly and is no longer disturbed by unwanted color influences.

The device comes with a USB adapter and can thus be connected to the mains or for example to a computer with a USB port or to our powerbank. Incl. USB cable and 220 V mains plug.

You can find the powerbank here

The dimension are 235 x 90 x 140 mm.

The packaging is per piece.

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